Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Flags

I went out front this morning and saw that PG&E had put in a bunch of little fluorescent flags and sprayed around some fluorescent paint:

It looks kind of festive, but the point is to show the guys digging the trench where the gas, electrical, and cable TV conduits are underground.  There are some markings in the street too. I wonder what those are for, theoretically, they shouldn't have to dig the street up. Hmm.

Now, if the guys digging the trench had an augmented reality app for their iPhones that let them point the iPhone at the conduit box and it would provide a picture of what was underground, they wouldn't have to send out a crew to stick in the little flags and spray up the street and ground with officially sanctioned graffiti.  Sounds like a business!

Anyway, these are signs of progress. With the drywall guys whaling away at the inside and PG&E spraying fluorescent paint and sticking flags in everywhere, I'm starting to get a little confidence that we just might have everything wrapped up by the end of March, which is what the current schedule says.

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