Friday, February 25, 2011

The Conduit is In

On Wednesday, I came home at noon to the happy sight of a PG&E crew hard at work...having lunch. But they earned it:

The trench shows where the conduit will be laid. When I got back home at night, the trench had been filled in, up to the new breaker box. But PG&E had taken two of the four boards we have laid over the muddy area where we had to take out the sidewalk. :-(

They came with some pretty impressive equipment:

Fortunately, despite the day-glo markings in the street, they didn't put their John Deere to work on it,  so no trenching in the street. I wonder if the will come and remove that legal graffiti or if we'll have to live with it until it wears off?

Update 3/3/2011: It snowed in the mountains last week, so PG&E couldn't come and pull the cable last week, but they did show up on Wed. this week and we now have 200 amp service. The breakers for the new circuits aren't in yet, though, but that should happen next week. 

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