Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yet More Drywall Removal

Last week, I suddenly realized that we might not actually have all the drywall removed from the thermal envelope. The front of the front upstairs bedroom sticks out slightly from the plane of the house, like a dormer. You can see it in this photo below:
This is about a two foot section where the bedroom has an exterior wall rather than sharing it with the attic.

When I went upstairs to check, sure enough, the drywall was still on. So the drywall removers had to come yet again. Here's what it looked like on the west wall when they were finished:
The round white target shaped thing on the top is the HRV vent.

Sigh. Hopefully, this will be the very last time we will need to have the drywall removers here, because Ponzini has started doing the insulation underneath the house.

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