Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Last of the Drywall Removal

We are hopefully finally, finally done with drywall removal. Due to a screwup by The Project Manager Who Shall Not Be Named, the original drywall removal effort failed to remove drywall from 4 different areas on the thermal envelope. Two of those were small enough that they could be removed without calling the drywall removal contractor back, but the other two were not. One was fairly obvious, it was the back wall of the southeast upstairs bedroom (Bedroom3), and we called the drywall removal contractor back to do that in September. But the last area was a 4' wide section on the southeast wall of the main hallway that Christine caught when she was in the house a couple weeks ago. We had it removed this week:

Our house has lots of small wall runs along the thermal envelope like this one. While they give the house a kind of quirky aesthetic (actually, one reason why the house appealed to us in the first place), they do increase the surface area for heat leakage and complicate insulation. If the house were just one big, four walled box sealing it would be simple but it would be less interesting from an  architectural standpoint. Proper air sealing becomes even more important for these small runs, and especially the joints between the short runs and the rest of the wall. You can be sure I will be looking for that when I do the inspection after the insulation contractor is finished.

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