Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Long and Thanx for all The Fish!

Well, it's about that time, time to close down this blog and admit defeat. I had a look at my stats today and I've got around 7000 page views for all history. The blog has been running for about 3 years, so that is a pretty poor showing. And people rarely submit comments. According to The Lovely Wife, to get page views and comments, you need to go to other people's blogs and comment there. I've done that with a few, listed in the blog roll, but I've not had much success in attracting a readership. There are also not many blogs out there that generate the kind of content I've been trying to generate, which I suppose is no surprise, given the lack of readership  I've had. I suppose another factor is my tendency to become technical and include math. Most people would rather get a root canal than try to understand math.

I suppose I could rant here about all the attention (and investment) given to infotainment devices and various other IT toys, but I will decline. Since I understand why. It is far more interesting to talk about the latest Apple toy than about some energy efficiency improvement. I bought an iPad for my mother this spring and boy was it slick! Oh well.

As a practical matter, I don't have anything in the pipeline to report on. The system remodel we did was one of those relationship-threatening jobs that people talk about. Now I know they really exist. The results actually look pretty good, though we did miss a couple things. But I am not about to put them in. I have sunk enough money in this house and irritated The Lovely Wife too much. I have a few small items:
  • Reinsulate the solar thermal tank with aerogel.
  • Insulate the HRV system because the architect screwed up and put them in uninsulated space. Probably I'll do some temperature measurements first to make sure more insulation is required.
  • Maybe put in some quieter exhaust fans in the bathroom and laundry room with humidity sensors.
  • Maybe put in a 220V timer on the hot tub, so I don't have to manually turn it off and on.
  • Maybe put in a solar thermal energy monitoring system,  so I can get data on how much energy the solar thermal system is generating.
In retrospect, this is a healthy list of stuff. But since nobody seems to care about it, there is no point in continuing the blog.

So...in the immortal words of Douglas Adams:


  1. Well, I've enjoyed reading along.

    When you think of the number of people that have green philosophy, engineering know how, and interest in home construction you're talking about a pretty narrowly focused group of people. Since I suspect that you interact primarily with an already pretty narrow group of people, it's probably not easy to internalize the the understanding that most folks don't care about or don't understand your (our) issues.

    It seems like your blog could be the starting point of a case study publication of the type that go out in focused green renovation magazines / journals. Lessons learned are best when shared with an appropriate audience.

  2. Think of this as a journal of your own efforts. As Feynman said, "What do you care what other people think?"

    My suggestion is, don't back off. Otherwise, it will be the mice that end up running the Universe after all.

  3. I loved your use of hitchhikers guide. Goodluck