Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plastic Packaging

Well, it seems retailers are finally doing something about plastic packaging. If you recall from this post, my purchase of new LED and CFL lights for our new light fixtures caused a mound of plastic packaging to materialize on the Buddha room floor by the time I had finished installing them.

As it turns out, the increasing price of oil makes the plastic clamshells that are ubiquitous in retail more expensive. So retailers are working with manufacturers to reduce the clamshells and use more paper, which is cheaper, renewable, and recyclable. This article in the New York Times (possibly behind a paywall) has more.

And it is about time too. Some of these clamshells are so thick that you need a pliers to open them.


  1. This post in very informative as many people aren't aware of the fact that plastic packaging is not renewable so it beneficial to use paper which is cheap, renewable and recyclable. I request everyone not to use plastic as it’s not good for our environment.
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