Sunday, March 20, 2011

Progress on Urbanite and Siding

I returned home from a business trip on Fri. to discover progress. The solar PV system install was done, PG&E sent our permission to turn it on, and the siding work looked mostly done. The siding under the living windows had been replaced:
The rat screens were supposed to have been taken off, since the original  siding overlapped them. But I'm not too particular, they can stay on as far as I am concerned.

They also replaced the siding on the back of the house where Our Good Friend Duke went wild with ventilation hoods:
Unfortunately, they were a bit too abstemious. I wanted a ventilation hole for the HRV attic, to avoid allowing mold to develop from condensation, as occurred before. They'll have to cut one, as far away from the HRV intake vent as possible.

They also replaced the siding where the old electric breaker box and meter were embedded in the garage wall:
And finally, on Saturday, Larry and Carlos came and started filling the hole where the sidewalk was torn up for the electric upgrade with urbanite:
Right now, they've just laid the pieces down so that we can attest to her satisfaction with the pattern. They will level them and lay gravel between the pieces later.

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